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Friday, February 26, 2010

Some of the Rarest Coins

Coin collecting is as old as the coins themselves. Thru out the history of coin collecting only, the wealthy people with time & the resources could own rare coins.
From the depression to the 50's, people had more time and started their collection on pocket change. In the 50's people had more time & money to pursued the king of hobbies. In the 60's was went investors start to become interested in high grade, individual rare coins.
Over the next couple of Blogs we will try and put a finger on what is really a rare coin
Silver Dollar Flowing hair (1794-1795)
1794 Designed by Robert Scot Approx. mintage of 1,758. The obverse a bust of Miss Liberty with flowing hair facing right. The reverse shows a small eagle within a wreath. The 1795 Silver dollar had a mintage of 160,000.
Estimated survival 1975 appox. 100 RARE. The 1795 also very scarce.

1804 Silver Dollar Heraldic Eagle is know as the King of collecting of American Coins.
Mintage report show that 19,500 were minted. The remaining of 15 known to exist,
Researchers have some what proved that they were struck in the later in the 1800's.
This example is rare of the rarest.

1912 s Liberty Head Nickel

Mintage 238,000 not until the last year did the Denver & San Fransico mints produce coins. The Denver minted 8.5 million. The 1912 s was the only coin produced under a million. This is a highly collected series and even the lower grade a high premium is paid.

1913 Liberty Nickel
Mintage 5.This is one of the highest profile & value of any U.S. coin. The last one to be sold was the first coin to be sold for over 1,000,000 dollars in 1996.
The 1913 nickel was not minted legally. It is thought to be struck by an employee of the Philadelphia mint and kept under cover until he could no longer be charge of a crime by the federal Government. This Coin Is The Rare of the Rarest.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Do you think your coin is rare?

Hi Pop Pino
    So you think your coin is rare? What is a rare coin? What make a coin rare?
many people believe if a coin is old it must be rare and worst money. In realty Must old coins mintage are very high and very available. Lets look at the 1916 D Mercury Dime, can we call this a rare coin?
The Mintage for this coin was 264,000, a small mintage for a very popular series. Many first year coins have been saved in quantities, not true for the 1916 D. All the coins were put out to the public. So can we call this a rare coin? Low grade coins can be had, any mid grade coins can be found for the right price.So at this point can we say that the coin is rare? No. But in choice mint state and in full bands the coin is a true rarity. Very few examples exist and the ones that are available are prices and are gobbled up as fast as you can blink an eye.
 Lets look at the 1914 D Lincoln head penny. Mintage of 1,193,000.  Not minuscule. How can this be a rare coin? This coin was ignored at this time. Mint marked coins were not collect like the Philadephia coins. The mint mark coin had no demand and very few were saved. Mint state 1914 D coins are extremely rare and this coin is a major key to the series.
Keeping this in mind, look at the 1931 s Lincoln head, mintage of 866,000. Way below the 1914 D. The public was in tune to this and hundred of rolls were saved. A mint state example could be found easy with a lot lessor price tag.
So can we call a 1893 s Morgan Silver dollar with a mintage of 100,000
a rare coin? Morgan Silver dollar are widely collected. Dated from 1878 to 1921
million of Morgan dollars have been minted. For many reasons coin in the series became rare. The Government recalled 250,000 silver coins (mostly Morgans)for melting. Maybe 14,000 or so coins survived. Most in VF mid grade & not showing much detail. Two High Grade 1893 s exist both MS67 one by PCGS & One by NGC. After these two maybe a couple of dozen Mint state coins are left. This coin is truly rare.

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